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Conveniently located between the Sandton and Rosebank business hubs, Illovo Green is a few minutes’ drive from either

the Rosebank or Sandton Gautrain stations and other modes of public transport. There are Gautrain bus stops within 30 to 50 meters of the development on Melville and Rivonia Roads.


Located next to the Illovo Water Tower, the property comprises 30 000 m² of land, with an approved mixed-use bulk of

80 000 m² that allows for offices, as well as retail and residential  components. The site has the highest vantage point in the area and offers exceptional views. The safe, controlled mini-metropolis is a secure, gated community where office space exists alongside residential units and lifestyle and retail amenities.




Illovo Green

Considering the growing trend of people investing in residential property close to their workplaces, rising fuel costs and traffic congestion, considerable high-density commercial and residential development with high densities is anticipated in Sandton and Rosebank over the next decade or two. As a result, the Illovo Green space (for office, retail and residential) will be in increasingly high demand.


While Illovo Green is just outside the two fast-growing commercial precincts, it offers a more tranquil setting, but with all important and value-added services and amenities on tap. An important advantage of the development’s location is that the surrounding environment is largely built and thus unlikely to experience inconvenient redevelopment in the foreseeable future. 


  • 1.2 km from the Sandton Gautrain and CBD.

  • 1.2 km from the Rosebank Gautrain and CBD.

  • Gautrain bus stops within 30 meters.

  • Surrounding area is substantially built up – you are unlikely to experience the inconvenience of substantial high density development within your close proximity.

  • Excellent access to some of the best shopping in South Africa - Hyde Park Corner, Sandton City, Rosebank Mall, BluBird Shopping Centre.

  • Close to good schools, for example: St David's Marist, Inanda

  • Lifestyle retail will be available outside your front doorstep:

    • coffee bars;

    • restaurants;

    • high end fitness: CrossFit, Cycle Lab, Pilates, yoga;

    • health and beauty: day spa, hair dressing salon, nail bar, eye brow bar.

  • Outdoor art gallery.

  • Event space incorporating: art gallery, function venue, corporate events, private functions.

  • Surrounded by Johannesburg’s best residential suburbs: Sandhurst, Hyde Park, Atholl, Illovo, Sandton.

  • Live where your office is located and walk to work: Over 250 residential apartments will be available and preference will be given to office users.

  • Safe, secure and green: benefit from the ability to walk and enjoy the high street and all that it offers.

  • Exceptional views.

  • All buildings will be north facing with ideal orientation towards the sun.

  • Directly on the City of Johannesburg’s cycle route.

The development offers standalone buildings ranging from 3 000 m² to

25 000 m², in addition to multi-tenant and sectional title office buildings for users requiring spaces from 100 m² to 5 000 m². This mixed-use, progressive green development will draw premium, socially and environmentally conscious corporate tenants, retailers and residents.


With a total potential size of 80 000 m², this premium development has all the advantages of a green office environment, designed to deliver forward-thinking and sophisticated working and living spaces.



Illovo Green

80 000 m²

Illovo Green is a mixed-use property development situated between Gauteng’s premier Sandton and Rosebank business precincts. With a total potential size of 80 000 m², it pioneers an integrated, premium lifestyle space to live, work and play.


Within the secure borders of a chic mini-metropolis, commercial and residential accommodation blend seamlessly with high-street retail outlets, restaurants and cultural spaces. Rooftop gardens, open-air spaces with an ecologically designed environment and common areas offer the opportunity to create inspirational and maximum-impact cultural corporate, social awareness,

private and branded events.



Inspired by forward-thinking work and lifestyle spaces across the globe, Illovo Green emphasises quality, sustainability, overall wellness, and the elevated productivity that results from innovative green environments.


Conveniently located between the Sandton and Rosebank business hubs, the development offers easy access to both the Rosebank and Sandton Gautrain stations as well as other modes of public transport. There are Gautrain bus stops within 30 to 50 metres of the development on Melville and Rivonia Roads.
The stand-out feature of Illovo Green is its commitment to holistic wellness in every sphere of life. Global studies provide irrefutable evidence that green office environments can boost productivity between 10 and 25 percent, reduce absenteeism and lead to a happier and healthier workforce.
The vertical and edible gardens will produce fresh, locally grown produce grown on site, for the use of tenants and customers. They also provide possibilities for corporate social responsibility projects that can be developed on site for maximum staff and client participation.
Top-quality restaurants, upmarket retail outlets alongside a variety of convenience services are all within easy walking distance to save time, effort and petrol for office workers and residents.
On-site walking and jogging trails provide secure opportunities for lunch hour exercise and fitness-conscious lifestyles, as well as acting as arenas for corporate and private events.
Illovo Green’s green energy focus includes solar panels, rainwater harvesting and growing fresh organic produce on site in vertical edible gardens to deliver healthy lifestyle benefits for tenants, residents and customers. This initiative provides a viable platform for corporate social responsibility projects involving employees and clients.
Rooftops are set aside for activities such as static cycling, yoga or golf. Carefully designed secluded outdoor spaces allow for meditation or outside office spaces for team work, such as strategy planning or brainstorming sessions.
It will be a year-round destination, with indoor and outdoor space to be used according to the season.

Illovo Green members will have preferential access to the development’s various indoor and outdoor mixed-use spaces which, depending on the season, can be used to hold functions, wine tastings, craft beer and spirits sampling, exclusive dinners, staff engagement, corporate social investment projects and executive events.

The development’s innovative architecture supported by groundbreaking technology aims to foster the growth of a like-minded, progressive community that shares similar work, life and recreational aspirations, in a secure environment.
Illovo Green’s strong focus on in- and outdoor arts, music and cultural activities will attract sophisticated and involved people who wish to be part of a local community with an extra edge.
The space will be premium, highly secure, family friendly and offer a breath of fresh air and an escape from the bustle and stress of the city.
The mixed-use, progressive and green development will draw premium, socially and environmentally conscious corporate tenants, retailers and residents.

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As the surrounding residential and business areas around the development are largely established, residents, staff and shoppers are unlikely to experience the inconvenience of a major redevelopment in the foreseeable future.
Combined, all these factors bring about an environment that will increase your company's ability to attract and retain high-quality millennium talent.
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