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This is not a commitment -  it's merely an enquiry or request for further information to ensure that you are kept updated of developments and opportunities as they arise and new phases in the development are launched.

Tenant Profile

Perfectly located between Sandton and Rosebank, with abundant commercial, social and environmental opportunities, Illovo Green is a perfect mixed-use space for corporate, lifestyle and residential tenants.


The secure, eco-friendly space aims to become a green beacon within the greater built-up area, facilitating a progressive hub of collaboration and productivity.



• Outside office spaces to provide tenants with the option to work in a different environment

• Static cycling, walking and running with lovely views in a beautiful green garden for lunchtime exercise breaks

• Pathways and trails in and around the property

• Art gallery and outdoor public artworks

• Space for events and small functions for between 100 and 450 people (wine tasting, craft beer and spirits, exclusive dinners and executive lunches)

• Rooftop yoga/soccer/golf

• Small hidden spots that can be used for meditation or quiet time.

• Quality restaurants, coffee shops and a nursery on site

• High-end retail offerings and pop-up shops

• Value-added services such as dry cleaners and hairdressing salons.


Facilities include


Living the Illovo Green residential lifestyle

  • Illovo Green offers contemporary, family-oriented green living with exceptional security.

  • Residents can define their own living space, in terms of bespoke interiors, size requirements and other needs.

  • All superior-finish units are north facing and equipped with high-speed fibre connectivity.

  • The development offers an unparalleled, family-oriented lifestyle with a wide choice of tranquil green spaces in which to exercise or unwind.

  • There is also the added advantage of being within easy walking distance of office, retail, dining and cultural amenities.

  • Illovo Green is set to become a prime address for those seeking a prestigious, easily accessible green business locale, a superb eco-conscious lifestyle address or a combination of both.

  • Reserve your future home or investment in Illovo Green. (This is not a commitment - it's merely an enquiry or request for further information to ensure that you are kept updated of developments and opportunities as they arise and new phases in the development are launched.)


This is a development for the intellectual, the informed, the mindful and the enlightened. It is a progressive space, applying futuristic office design and sound employee productivity principles, enhancing a collaborative and entrepreneurial approach.


Commercial tenants - with a focus on professional services companies and highly qualified employees, where productivity enhancement benefits from the passive environment are critical - have a choice of standalone buildings, multi-tenant and sectional title office blocks.




Illovo Green intends to fill its lifestyle and retail space with predominantly local brands that provide high-quality products and services though socially and environmentally responsible means.


The prime location and proximity to prominent destinations in the area makes the Illovo Green development a leading retail position, serving the commercial businesses and residential tenants within Illovo Green, as well as customers from surrounding office buildings and residential areas.


Retailers are part of an exclusive and progressive “green champion” property collaboration, supporting premium and conscious consumerism.


Innovative, progressive and green office design, its prime location and potential high networth client and customer profile will attract forward-thinking corporate tenants and pioneering retailers, and aspirational residents attracted by the good food, coffee, culture, green space and high-end brands on offer.


Garden and rooftop areas set aside for recreational activities promoting mental and physical health and wellbeing are accessible to tenants.

The design and ethos of the development allow for an effective “membership” network, providing opportunity for people to build their future alongside like-minded and progressive thinkers.


Illovo Green’s location close to other major business and retail hubs is a major drawcard. Tenants will be attracted to the safe, open outdoor areas with plenty of greenery and ample safe parking. Tenants will also have preferential access to on-site facilities for music, art and other events.

Lifestyle tenants will have access to ethical and fresh resources and have the opportunity to collaborate with, and gain recognition from, other local brands. As the only development of its kind in Johannesburg, Illovo Green offers the chance to create something unique and exciting, while adding value and enhancing the productivity of commercial and residential tenants.


Retailers will benefit from progressive consumerism and the patronage of well-to-do clientele.

Illovo Green

Concept Benefits

  • Secure

  • Exclusive and private

  • Green

  • Prime residential location

  • Open access gardens

  • Bespoke design

  • Input into product definition



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