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Floor Plans

Illovo Green is a mixed-use property development located between the business hubs of Sandton and Rosebank, consisting of office space, retail stores and residential property filling a potential size of 75 000 to 80 000 m².


The development offers standalone buildings ranging from 3 000 to 25 000 m², as well as multi-tenant and sectional title office buildings for users requiring spaces from 100 m² to 5 000 m².


The development stands out for its vertical and roof gardens, green atmosphere, quality of life and sustainability through responsible energy and water conservation methods.



The progressive, green space boosts productivity and creativity for corporate users, while providing security and a high quality of life to all who work and live here.


This is a space where people can walk, sit and enjoy coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses in a secure environment.

Illovo Green Staff Product Definition Questionnaire

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