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Event Space

Illovo Green’s strong focus on in- and outdoor arts, music and cultural activities will attract sophisticated, forward-thinking people, who wish to be part of a local community with an extra edge.


Exclusive membership benefits allow tenants preferential use of indoor and outdoor event spaces to host company events, private parties and other functions. Open public spaces, including pedestrian walkways and the rooftop gardens, provide elegant and modern settings, perfect for events such as:



  • Night-time niche festivals or events

  • Rooftop art nouveau movie screenings

  • Company launches

  • Corporate dinners or cocktail parties

  • Guest speaker lectures

  • Wine, craft beer and spirit tastings

  • Workshops

  • Private parties for residents

  • Permanent and temporary exhibitions

  • Company/other sponsored music events (100 to 450 people)

  • Art exhibitions and launches

Illovo Green Events
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