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Progressive & Social Responsibility

Illovo Green is a progressive, eco-friendly development that employs cutting-edge technologies to be socially and environmentally sustainable. Considering the enormous income and opportunity disparities in South Africa, particularly evident in Johannesburg, Illovo Green plans to create a distinctive retail, commercial and residential location and dynamic community that will be part of the solution.


The developer will provide the infrastructure and opportunity to enable four groups of users – retailers, retail customers, commercial tenants and residents – to participate in uplifting activities for the good of the greater community. This could include a fresh produce market and skills development for the less privileged that will ultimately lead to self-sufficiency. 



Green energy

Illovo Green makes use of green energy sources such as solar panels and will provide a cycle lane linking with the city’s infrastructure.



Water conservation

Water is conserved through rain water harvesting and storing, recycling and other initiatives.

Edible, sustainable gardens

The development includes completely edible landscaped gardens, with produce used and sold by retailers and restaurants to promote sustainability.

Social upliftment and education

Excess produce and seeds from the on-site nursery are used towards corporate social upliftment and skills development programmes in affiliation with local organisations.

The scale, magnitude and vision of the development will provide the leverage for such initiatives to be undertaken and succeed.


Corporate social investment by corporates and retailers based in Illovo Green will be directly linked to the development and infrastructure delivered by the developer. As a result, employees, customers and residents will witness the positive results of their involvement on a daily basis, which will in turn be energising and empowering to them.


The development aims to remain sustainable through the following initiatives:

Always-on initiative 

The traffic lights at the Rivonia and Ferguson Roads intersection will be connected to Illovo Green’s solar and standby generators as part of Illovo Green’s aim to make a meaningful contribution and add value.

Social projects

Illovo Green will provide the space for employee-centred projects, such as rooftop gardens and urban-garden training programmes to facilitate skills development, supporting corporate social responsibility.

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